Two Things

Some amazing individuals answer the question,

"if you could pass on only two things to the
next generation what would they be?"

We all need two things...

How blessed is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding.

For her profit is better than the profit of silver; and her gain better than fine gold.

She is more precious than jewels; and nothing you desire compares with her.

Long life is in her right hand. In her left hand are riches and honor.

Her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths are peace.

She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who hold her fast

       Proverbs 3:13-18



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                    "The years teach much what the days never knew."  Emerson       


What is Two Things?

Two Things is mostly just an idea. Two Things connects the hearts, wisdom and experience of proven "fathers and mothers" to the next generations by giving them the opportunity to share two things they would like to pass on - live and unrehearsed.

Long gone are the days where multiple generations live together, take meals together, and sit and talk together. While there may still be respect for "elders" there is little or no natural way to interact with them. Many twenty and thirty-somethings have moved far from their families of origin. It is very rare, even in church settings, for exemplary individuals but who are not part of the pastoral team, to have a chance speak meaningfully to the next generation.

What is a Thing?
Two Things is designed to give such individuals a chance to share directly and effectively Two Things that they would want to pass on to the next generation. The only framework for the Two Things is that they must be something that:

  • is personal, and of significance in their lives;
  • has stood the test of time; and
  • relates in some way to how they walk out their relationship with God, life and others.

Who shares a Thing?
The individuals come from many walks of life but they all share a few things in common in the eyes of others:

  • they are at least 50 years old (ok maybe a couple slight exceptions for those we did not want to reveal their age!);
  • they have made life decisions and lifestyle choices that have made them successful in life and recognized by others as significant in the kingdom of God;
  • they have a track record of changing their world in profound ways by their lives and efforts; and,
  • they might be a little embarrassed to be so recognized!

Look below for brief biographies and posting of the eventual audio and pictures post-speaking.

When and where were Things shared?

Two Things was a series of talks. It may happen again. Maybe you or your church or organization would like to do a series.

Here is the lineup - read the bios below:
    - Dave DeLoach
    - Laura and Chris DuPré
    - Stan and Alice Weber
    - Jim Henderson
    - Wes Yoder
    - High and Lisa Harris
    - Barbara Robinson, Betsy Headden, Dabney Mann
                (aka. Crazy Women night - our version of Celtic Women)
    - Brown and Debbie Bannister
Got a thing for Things?
If you want to try Two Things at your church or group and like the result send us your audio and related information for possible posting. Connect at 


Andy Reese                  Host of Two Things
Introduction to Two Things April 14, 2010(coming soon)

Originally from Minnesota Andy Reese is vice president of an international consulting company ( and a leading expert and author on sustainability and urban water management.

Andy has a passion to see that young people are healed emotionally and sent along the path of their destiny with God. He operates a non-profit organization to facilitate the freedom ministry model called Sozo ( He  has written a book on being an emotional and spiritual "first responder" - Freedom Tools (Chosen Books).  He is also passionate about all things intergalactic - and gives a popular multimedia presentation on the immensity and majesty of God and the incredible story of the Star of Bethlehem ( 

He is married to Susan The Amazing, the father of four mostly grown children, and lives in rural  Franklin, TN.

He serves as facilitator of Two Things so he can learn wisdom without it being all that obvious.


Two Things guests
                                ...and their partially unauthorized biographies

Brown Bannister

May 19, 2010

Brown Bannister has been a top Christian producer for many years in the Nashville area winning a bucket of Grammy and Dove awards and being named producer of the year several times. He helped pioneer the Christian music business working with many top artists. He has produced and sold over 75 million (yes six zeros!) albums.

In a business that is often very "competitive" Brown has built a reputation for both excellence and compassion while maintaining a focus on what matters most. His gentle good humor and honest engaging character has set him apart and inspired many.

You might see Brown holding the first down markers at a local football game, hosting a dinner for worshipers, playing old Younglife songs around the campfire, or working quietly behind the scenes at a church production. Extra credit goes to anyone who has Brown's 1981 pop album!

Topics: The Undeserved Favor of God and Trust and Fear in Life's Changes

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Debbie Bannister

May 19, 2010

Debbie Bannister has been described to us as a "ball of energetic joyful warmth." She is known for her engaging friendship, for her open honesty and vulnerability, for her loyalty to her family and friends, and for her unflinching love and passion for Jesus.

She is always up for fun, focused on home and children, given to friends and projects that bring people together. Equally comfortable (she might say "uncomfortable") in large public venues or intimate one-on-one conversations her goodwill and wisdom have changed many around her.

Debbie and Brown have five children and live outside Franklin, TN.

Topics: Go to the Banquet and What Keeps us from Intimacy?

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Dave Deloach

April 14, 2010

Dave is one of the most accomplished and unusual people you will ever meet! Dave was born in Germany and has lived in about fifteen different places from the wild west to Alabama and now Middle Tennessee. He has worked in a wide range of jobs from ditch digger and gambling casino money changer to banking consultant and data networking manager. He would not admit it but he is a world class guitar player and teacher, having developed an approach to learning guitar used by some leading players and schools including Berklee College of Music in Boston (

Dave is known for his crazy sense of humor, deep insights, and wry way at looking at life. Given to adventure and living life fully, he once took a 5,000 mile road trip with a friend in a pickup truck with no maps and no particular destination, and canoed 465 miles in 16 days from Nashville to Memphis on the Cumberland, Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers. Dave says, "I have 240 semester hours of college behind me, but learned the real stuff by venturing 'out there'". Since age 23, life with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Father God has been the epicenter of my existence."

He has been married to Tina (equally fun!) for 27 years and father to four children.

Topics: Uncomplicated Faith and Life as Adventure

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Chris DuPré

April 14, 2010

Originally from Upstate New York, Chris DuPré and his family moved to Franklin, TN in the fall of 2004. For the previous thirteen years, Chris had been in Kansas City where he worked as worship pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship. In 1999 he helped Mike Bickle establish the International House of Prayer. Chris was instrumental in mentoring and training worship leaders, singers and instrumentalists. Chris recently served as Associate Pastor at Grace Center Church in Franklin, TN.

Chris today is writing, speaking and traveling with a desire to communicate in every form possible, God's desire to convince the human heart of His great affection, thereby empowering them with His strength and purpose. Chris is known as a wise and fun papa by a large fan club of young people - who have all learned to love his humor!

Chris and his wife Laura have three daughters as well as three grandchildren.

Topics: Advance Forgiveness and The Intense Affection of God

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Laura DuPré

April 14, 2010

Laura DuPre' is a lover of God and a lover of people. Enjoying the art of hospitality, she treasures the hours spent around the table with family, friends and guests from around the world, fostering relationship and drinking together "the cup of life". She is known for her ability to love well her friends and family making each feel special and singled out.

She and her husband Chris have been happily married 32 years and have three grown daughters and three beautiful grandchildren.

Topics: Making a Life Choice and Loving Well

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Hugh and Lisa Harris

May 5, 2010

Hugh Harris grew up in Texas and became an accounting and then film and music project consultant. But his heart was always for kids and the poor. He eventually became principle of a small Christian school. In 2004 he worked with a group to begin Franklin Christian Academy, where he currently serves as Headmaster. He has a degree from Baylor and a masters in education.

He is known to go after the ones left behind, breath life into them, and move them along in life. There is many a young person who credits Hugh with turning their lives around and getting them through high school. He is always up for a game of basketball, a cup of coffee, and providing a listening ear and practical wisdom. His objectives in the lives of young people are to provide challenging academics, life-giving community, and transforming discipleship.

Lisa Harris graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science and received her Masters in Education Administration in May of 2008. She currently serves as Franklin Christian Academy's guidance counselor and teaches a senior level Perspectives on World Missions. Her desire for each student when they graduate from FCA is that they know their life is not their own, and the best adventure is following Jesus.

She also works for Servant Group International, training, recruiting and monitoring teams of Christians to go and serve in northern Iraq. Her travels have taken her to India, the Middle East, Haiti, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Europe. She has a gift and knack of looking right into the heart of a matter and calling people to be their best.

Hugh and Lisa are the parents of two mixed race adopted children, and reside outside Franklin, TN.

Topics: You Life is Not Your Own and Taking Risks

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Topics: Marriage Baggage and Having Fun Fun Fun Together

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Betsy Headden

May 12, 2010 crazy women night

Betsy was born and raised in Nashville. She was radically saved during the Jesus movement as a young adult, and is still radically in love with her Savior. Some have described her as a warrior bride. Pursuing the heart beat of God is her lifelong quest. His passions have become her passions in this pursuit. Betsy has been on many missions endeavors into Israel and the nations. She has an ability to connect people with the Lord in a more intimate way, preparing them to come more fully into their destiny.

Betsy and her husband Henry live in Brentwood and have two awesome adult children, a wonderful son-in law and two beautiful grandchildren.

Topics: Passion for God and Purpose in Life

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The Three Women Questions and Answers

Barbara, Betsy and Dabney
(aka "the glory girls")
answer some questions f
rom the audience, and tell
stories on each other
in the process.



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Jim Henderson

April 28, 2010

"Dr. Jim" was a successful pediatrician with a fast growing practice in Nashville TN when he and his wife got an invitation from God to move to England and then on to India three years later. There they helped run a hospital serving the "least of these." After many years they returned to Nashville.

Their heart to serve those in need remained and today Dr. Jim serves on the medical staff at the Siloam clinic in Nashville's Edge Hill area. Siloam Family Health Center cares for the uninsured in Middle Tennessee by providing high-quality, affordable health care designed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients. The clinic aligns staff, volunteers and donors to carry out this ministry of health, healing and hope for people who have few options for medical care (

Jim is known for his earnestness and humility while offering excellence in all he does. he has long ago chosen to value things from God's perspective and it shows in all he does. Jim and his wife Lynn have three children and live in Franklin.

Topics: Daily Repentance and Practically Resting on Jesus' Righteousness

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Click below for the Jim and Wes Q&A Session


(and you thought they were vulnerable before)

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 Dabney Mann

May 12, 2010 crazy women night

Four years ago Dabney, along with her husband Doug, founded Global Glory, Inc., a ministry dedicated to serve and encourage the Third-World Church, materially and spiritually. For well over 25 years prior to that, they have served believers in Israel, China, Iraq, Pakistan, Thailand, Burma, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Cuba, Nigeria and Mozambique, as well as other nations. She has also initiated a well drilling program.

Dabney and her husband Doug have built a reputation as edgy Christians unafraid to tackle God's toughest assignments both in town and around the world. They are full of life and fire and have been a crazy inspiration to all around them for many years. Dabney says, "What an adventure its been, chasing Jesus around the planet." 

Dabney and Doug Mann have been married 45 years, and were saved 39 years ago,  during the Jesus People Movement. They have lived in Franklin since 1973, have two awesome sons, two brilliant beautiful daughters in law, and five incredible grandchildren.

Topics: Moving With God Through the Years and Hearing God to Change Your LIfe

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Barbara Robinson

May 12, 2010 - crazy women night

Barbara Robinson is a woman after God's heart, and knows that God is also pursuing her. Though, due to her upbringing, She has not always known this about herself. Barbara has found herself in many different places around the world in ministry situations with her husband Mickey. Mickey and Barbara travel Internationally with their ministry, Prophetic Destiny (

Her heart is to find the hidden treasures in each one of us and to see the Lord gently release people into their own destiny for His honor and His glory. She is an amazing combination of simple faithful love, gentleness, and no holds barred honesty. Fun is a word that describes what she imparts to others everywhere she goes, so get ready!

They have raised four children, who all love the Lord, and are raising their own families in different parts of the country. She currently resides in Thompson Station, Tn. with her husband.

Topics: What Freedom Means and Your Innate Creativity

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Stan Weber

April 21, 2010

Stan Weber was born in North Dakota and developed a passion for the poor and underserved at an early age. After completing college he worked in a ministry in Vicksburg, MS. Over 25 years ago he came to Nashville and began to serve on staff with Christ Presbyterian Church in inner city ministry.

He and his wife moved to the Edge Hill neighborhood making the statement, "Many of those ministering come and go. We are putting down roots where we serve." In the last two and a half decades Stan, his wife Alice, and his team have build Salama Urban Ministry into a world changing force and a model to many others (

Salama (Swahili word for peace) has served the Greater Nashville area through providing life-changing programs that equip children with skills needed for success in life and to nurture lives of integrity and hope through the foundation of faith. They form long-term relationships that mentor others into godly adulthood.

Stan is known for his easy and infectious laugh, engaging personality, ability to form honest and deep relationships, focus on real people and real issues, and ability to stay humbly behind the scenes. He is equally comfortable in the boardrooms of great corporations and in the toughest neighborhoods in town. He has built a reputation of trust and excellence over many years of faithfulness.

Topics: Delighted in by God and Suffering in Life

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Alice Weber

April 21, 2010

Alice was born the oldest of six to Dutch immigrant parents who operated a dairy farm in Alberta Canada ("oh yeh, hockey gold!").

She has been involved in ministry in Mississippi and, for the past 25 years, in Nashville in ministry to the underserved. She worked for many years with Salama ministry developing and running the educational outreach. She is presently lead teacher in a model classroom at Glencliff Elementary School which serves ten ethnicities, and helps other teachers learn how to teach in such multi-cultural settings.

She and her husband Stan have been married thirty years and have four children. They have resided for many years in the Edge Hill area of Nashville.  All who know her would say she is a bundle of creative energy, humor, and warm love. She loves to play scrabble though Stan wanted to make sure we said that she normally loses to him.

Topics: Building your Story in God and 360 Degrees of Leadership

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Click below for the Weber Q&A Session


(more reality than a body has a right to expect!)

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Wes Yoder

April 28, 2010
Wes Yoder, of Amish and Mennonite extraction, moved to Nashville in 1973 from Lancaster, PA to work in the music business, which led to a career as literary agent and owner and founder of the highly successful and leading Ambassador Speakers Bureau. He has helped start and steer the careers and lives of many notable artists and speakers. His first book, Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Other Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports will be published by Zondervan in October, 2010.

Wes Yoder is also an elder at Grace Chapel in Lieper's Fork, TN and is widely known for his gentle wisdom, warm humor and sound counsel... and his amazing craftsmanship! He and his wife, Linda, live in Franklin, TN.

Topics: What God Chooses for You is Always Better than What You Choose for Yourself and If you Know Yourself, You Know Every Other Man in the Room

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Bill and Karen Zoephel

Not Speaking - Just Doing (but you can go along!)

Bill Zoephel and his wife Karen embody the scripture about being "filled with good works". When asked to speak Bill looked very thoughtful and then said that when you ask a person with a serving gift to speak it sometimes does not come across in a group. He said he and Karen preferred to work quietly behind the scenes and in secret and that speaking to groups did not work well with that approach to life. But sharing one on one - THAT works.

If you look carefully you might catch Karen and Bill running the food pantry, helping a couple in need, caring for children, always faithful, always quiet, always unseen except by our Father who is in secret and who dwells in secret and who rewards.

Bill and Karen will not be speaking, but I did convince them to "be there" and I promised to only embarrass them a little by pointing them out. Plan to take the opportunity to speak with them. Better yet go with them for a space. Ask them about their two things - you will be glad you did.



                         "Two Things gentlemen, Two Things"


Did you know there is a "law of two things"?

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,
                                      and I'm not sure about the former."   Albert Einstein

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